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A Chronology of Events


08/05/20 Four black men in McClenny are removed from the local jail and lynched for the alleged rape of a white woman.

11/02/20 Two whites and at least five blacks are killed in Ocoee in a dispute over voting rights. The black community of Ocoee is destroyed, 25 homes, 2 churches, and a Masonic Lodge.

2/12/21 A black man in Wauchula is lynched for an alleged attack on a white woman.

12/09/22 A black man in Perry is burned at the stake, accused of the murder of a white school teacher. A black church, school, Masonic Lodge, and meeting hall are burned.

12/31/22 On New Year’s Eve a large Ku Klux Klan Parade is held in Gainesville.

01/01/23 Early morning: Fannie Taylor reports an attack by an unidentified black man.

  • Monday afternoon: Aaron Carrier is apprehended by a posse and is spirited out of the area by Sheriff Walker.
  • Late afternoon: A posse of white vigilantes apprehend and kill a black man named Sam Carter.

01/02/23 Armed whites begin gathering in Sumner.


  • Late evening: White vigilantes attack the Carrier house. Two white men are killed, and several others wounded. A black woman, Sarah Carrier is killed and others inside the Carrier house are either killed or wounded.
  • Rosewood’s black residents flee into the swamps.
  • One black church is burned, and several unprotected homes.
  • Lexie Gordon is murdered.

01/05/23 Approximately 200-300 whites from surrounding areas begin to converge on Rosewood.

  • Mingo Williams is murdered.
  • Governor Cary Hardee is notified, and Sheriff Walker reports that he fears “no further disorder.”
  • The Sheriff of Alachua County arrives in Rosewood to assist Sheriff Walker.
  • James Carrier is murdered.

01/06/23 A train evacuates refugees to Gainesville.

01/07/23 A mob of 100-150 whites return to Rosewood and burn the remaining structures.

01/17/23 A black man in Newberry is convicted of stealing cattle. He is removed from his cell and lynched by local whites.

02/11/23 A Grand Jury convenes in Bronson to investigate the Rosewood riot.

02/15/23 The Grand Jury finds “insufficient evidence” to prosecute. 

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